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Rivini Alyne April

Rivini Alyne Faith

Rivini Alyne Jolene

Rivini Alyne Journee

Rivini Alyne Lily

Rivini Alyne Londyn

Rivini Alyne Melody

Rivini Alyne Poppy

Rivini Alyne Summer

Rivini Alyne Taytum

Rivini Couture Aubree

Rivini Couture Brielle

Rivini Couture Celine

Rivini Couture Cloe

Rivini Couture Emmy

Rivini Couture Iliana

Rivini Couture Katrina

Rivini Couture Serena

Rivini Couture Sydney

Made in the USA

About Rivini

Rivini, the renowned bridal gown designer, embodies timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship in the world of bridal fashion. Under the creative leadership of Rita Vinieris, this brand is synonymous with refinement and individuality. Rivini’s bridal gowns effortlessly blend classic style with modern flair, emphasizing high-quality fabrics and meticulous attention to detail. Her dresses are not only exquisite but also comfortable, a crucial factor for brides on their big day. Most notably, her ability to capture each bride’s personality in her designs sets her apart, creating a unique and personal expression of style. Rivini’s influence in the bridal fashion industry is indisputable and will continue to inspire.