Muse by Berta - Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal

Berta 23-30 Kennedy

€ 4499

Berta 23-31 Kylie

€ 7654

Berta 23-33 Kamilla

Berta 23-34 Kaia

Berta 23-36 Kenzie

Berta 22-131 Josephin

Berta 22-134 Jasmine

Berta 22-139 Juliet

Berta 22-141 Jilian

Berta 22-30 Ida

Berta 22-33 Ines

Berta 22-35 Isadora

Berta 22-36 Ivone

Berta 22-39 Ivory

Berta 22-40 Irma

Berta 22-44 Irene

Made in Israel

About Muse by Berta

The sole designer of the fashion house is Berta Balilti, a Shenkar College of design graduate. Berta founded her namesake brand in 2004.

After being very successful in couture bridal, Berta decided that all brides, even those with a slightly lower budget, should be able to wear one of her amazing designs. That’s when Muse by Berta came to life. Even though the prices are lower than the BERTA line, the quality isn’t lacking at all!

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